Business Management Power and the "Art of War"

My friend, Micheal Gregory, who focuses on IRS and other dispute resolution, risk management, strategic planning, and valued added services for clients in Minnesota recently added a new blog to his many writing activities.  I know him from his activities with the NACVA.

I could not help but take interest in his article, Power.  Ultimate power is begin able to get things done through effective communication.  In the article, Michael summarizes parts of the “Art of War” written by General Sun Tzu in 600 BC. Some of the most useful take-aways are below:


  • In business that you need to use your power quickly and decisively when appropriate
  • Be a good listener and speak when appropriate
  • Know when you are getting angry or excited and don’t overreact
  • Remain calm under pressure

Yet, as pointed out later in the article, usually you want to give your enemy an “out” to save face (called a golden bridge to retreat across) and when possible, avoid war if you can obtain what you need without confrontation.

To read more, Michael Gregory, Managing Resolutions. 

Gregory R. Caruso, Esquire, CPA, CVA