Business Valuation for use in Merger and Acquisitions / Business Sale Situations

Business valuation in M&A or Business Sale Situations is a 20 minute webinar that explains what creates value when businesses are being prepared for business succession, business sale or acquisition or merger. This webinar is geared to accountants, CPA’s, valuation analysts, and other advisors who want to understand how to best assist their clients as they start to confront their client’s business succession and possible business exit situations.

You may want to download:  How To Value A Business for M&A, Succession, or Business Sale Purposes – Slide Set

Topics covered include proven negotiating strategies, value creation, timelines, etc.  This webinar will help owners, valuers, financial planners, lawyers, and other advisors better understand differences between valuation for other purposes and when the purposes is for planning for a business sale. The webinar further describes key steps to prepare a business for sale.  The webinar was part of an “Around the Valuation World” broadcast.  Greg Caruso, a Partner at Harvest is Editor in Chief of “Around the Valuation World” which is produced by the NACVA.  In addition to the webinar below a link to the slides.