MD NACVA Presentation: Business Valuation for Business Mergers and Acquisitions

There are differences between a business valuation performed for Merger and Acquisition purposes and for other purposes.  In this seminar Greg Caruso, Maryland Attorney, CPA, and CVA with experience in both M&A and business valuation explains why the differences exist and how to properly value businesses for business transaction purposes.   Participants leave knowing how to read market data reports such as Pratt’s Stats.  How many years should be used and how the years should be weighted in different circumstances in calculating a cash flow.  They learn when a discounted cash flow makes the most sense for buyers and sellers.

They learn how to advise owners and companies that are anticipating a sale in 3 to 5 years to maximize value and reduce taxes.  Finally, the business intermediary or brokerage and sale process is examined so advisors and participants know what to expect and how to best position themselves.  There are a lot of actual examples and stories of real situations including solutions and mistakes.

Variations of this Presentation have been given to the AA County Chapter of the MACPA, the Heating and Air Conditioning Association of Maryland, multiple NACVA state chapters, local bank loan departments, Remodeler’s Advantage Annual Conference, and other groups.

To download slides Click Here: Business Valuation for Merger Acquisition 2016