“Unlocking Private Company Wealth,” Greg Caruso Interviewed Chris Mercer on his new book.

Chris Mercer was interviewed by Greg Caruso a business valuation expert and business broker on his new book, “Unlocking Private Company Wealth” as part of the NACVA series <em>Around the Valuation World</em>. In this book Chris champions the concept that business owners have an “interim time” and “The One Percent  Solution”, where they should treat their illiquid private company wealth the same way they treat their liquid wealth. We also talked a little about Chris’s personal career and journey and how his company has followed the advice in the book.

Major concepts covered in the book are that if the owner wants a successful exit or end game he must concisely create it. An owner must keep his company READY for a sale. READY stands for Risk, Ebitda, Attitudes Aptitudes and Activities, Driving growth, and Year to Year comparisons. The last major concept we covered in detail is what Chris calls the 1% solution, or again, that owners should create a budget and manage their private company wealth much as they do their liquid wealth. In summary it was a quick 50 minutes full of valuable information and interesting insights.